I'm Juvenn Woo, I program software. I walk, and I'm telling stories here, in the context of China.

I was programmer at CHARLS.

I have been programming on Linux since 2008, and have built deployed software in Python, Ruby, and PHP. My recent interests are getting into functional programming, mostly in Erlang and Clojure. I like working on open source software, and am the author of mustache.vim.

I grew up from a bazaar in a small town, beside the Yangtze River1. Then I majored in Economics at a small college, where I have studied through Walter Nicholson's Microeconomic Theory, and worked out Walter Rudin's Principles of Mathematical Analysis (aka Baby Rudin), but I got stuck at Chapter 3rd of Thomas Hungerford's Algebra. Each week I would ride bycicle for an hour to visit the library at Chern Institute of Mathematics, though I ended up reading stories of mathematicians rather than studying mathematics there. Without a computer, I had taught myself programming with papers and pencils. I liked playing soccer and tennis.

I have got a BA in Economics.

  1. River Town by Peter Hessler, a New York Times Notable Book, has described what kind of that town would be like. It has been translated into Chinese as well.
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